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At Los Angeles Cerakote we offer comprehensive firearm services that go beyond Cerakoting. We also specialize in firearm repair and service, including: cleaning, modification, disassembly, general maintenance, upgrades, and personalization. We also have a wide range of parts available for reassembly of pieces that are incomplete, damaged, or in need of replacement. We provide customization options that allow our clients to tailor their firearms for a perfect look and fit, including: trigger jobs, stippling, night sites, slide relieving and much more. Our highly skilled repair specialists service practically every type of firearm, including older and out-of-production models.

We are pleased to feature Bake-on Dry Film Lubrication, also known as Microslick. This a great option for clients who want to add extra protection to the moving parts and slide components on their firearms. Microslick allows us to run all of our AR-15 and shotgun bolt carrier groups completely dry. No oil on these parts means less chance of fouling from the oil attracting dirt and carbon, which ultimately could lead to weapon failure. Avoid this by Microslicking your internal parts!

Beyond firearms-related work we also Cerakote a wide range of transportation machinery and recreational equipment, including: wheel rims, car parts, aerospace equipment, bicycles, engine headers, golf clubs, pistons, flash lights, vape mods, fishing reels, archery equipment, plumbing fixtures, hand tools, motorcycle parts and frames, camping stoves, hand railings, and more. We also offer aluminum oxide blasting and stripping services for your home restoration projects. As a full-service shop, Los Angeles Cerakote can help you with any project that you can dream up, so give us a call and let’s get started!

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