What is Cerakote?

Cerakote is a ceramic coating that protects metals, plastics, and composites from wear, corrosion, and chemicals.

Is Cerakote only for firearms?

No. Cerakote can be used for any type of project or material that needs refinishing, upgrading, or surface protection.

How many colors do I have to choose from?

Cerakote now has over 100 stock colors to choose from. The color chart is available on our website. We can also mix colors to match any sample or requirement, so there really are no limits.

How many colors can I apply to a job?

Cerakote can be layered many times over, making camouflage, gradients, or just a multi-color project.

How thick does Cerakote go on?

Cerakote is applied at half a millimeter, so it will not interfere with internal mechanical tolerances at all.

How Does Cerakote compare to powder coat?

Cerakote sprays on much thinner than powder coat so it is much more flexible to bending. Further, it is also impact resistant, so it is much more resistant to daily wear and tear. The ingredients in Cerakote do not allow chemicals to ruin or remove a Cerakote finish, and it can also handle high temperatures.

Where can I see samples of your work?

See our website gallery for examples of our work, as well as our Facebook page and Instagram account.

What is the Cerakote process?

First we disassemble and degrease all the parts and components of the project. Following that we strip the parts down to bare metal or etched plastic using an aluminum oxide blast gun. Then we gas the parts out in the oven, removing any leftover oils or contaminants. Finally, we Cerakote the project and place it in the oven to cure. Once cured, the project is reassembled and ready to be enjoyed.

How long does it take?

Here at Los Angeles Cerakote we try and keep our lead time at about two weeks, but during holidays or certain market buying rushes, lead time typically increases. Call the shop with the specs on your project and we would be happy to give you a more specific time estimate.

What does it cost?

Cerakote is comparable to powder coating in cost. However, projects vary so please feel free to call the shop and we would be happy to give you a precise bid based on the requirements of your project.

Can I cerakote my car’s headers?

Yes. We have ceramic coatings that can handle over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

I found an old rusty rifle in my family’s attic. Can Los Angeles Cerakote restore it?

In most cases, we can restore your rifle back to a factory finish.

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